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Get Formalized Support from MKTY


Lenovo Services Support Plan System x and Storage


MKTY with Lenovo is committed to ensuring that you receive the highest level of support for your System x Servers, BladeCenter and Flex System blade servers and switches, x86-based Flex integrated systems, NeXtScale and iDataPlex servers and associated Lenovo Storage and OEM Storage products. By understanding the product support available, you will be able to maximize the management of your IT investments and strategically plan for a successful IT future.

How to get the best out of your support – Get Formalized Support which is confirmed by Lenovo.

Lenovo Maintenance Services from MKTY offer a comprehensive range of options to look after your IT environment with break/fix support and professional services. We have a wide selection of coverage hours, delivery methods and service level agreements that are available to build the most befitting solution for your needs.


Services support has become crucial in maintaining the survival of any business today. Businesses are facing many pressures of globalization and customer demand that require you have a resilient IT infrastructure. Moreover, the support you are receiving should be Vendor certified to provide customer reassurance and a level of comfort.


In choosing Lenovo Services from MKTY, you are guaranteed support from certified and trained technical engineers and Lenovo tested and certified spare parts for optimum, trusted quality and center-controlled repair processes. Lenovo services from MKTY commits to helping you achieve maximum ROI by minimizing downtime and running costs, with access to a configurable range of services, support options, specific contractual solutions and payment agreements.


  • Providing formalized vendor back-to-back agreements to ensure and secure the highest levels of support.
  • Warranty Service Upgrade to enhance the responsiveness of warranty fixes and claims and the option to extend the duration of the warranty period and enhance the responsiveness of warranty claims.
  • Hardware Maintenance Post Warranty Service to guarantee full support after the warranty expiration available on all Lenovo machines (System X, Switches and associated Storage)
  • Flexible terms of contract
  • Flexible response times (from next business day target to committed fix time)
  • Managed microcode/firmware analysis and updates before problems arise which can help you balance your IT infrastructure performance against support costs ensuring you’re on a current level of microcode. Your overall system performance may be improved, and this enhanced high availability can improve the continuity of your business operations. Ultimately, providing proactive rather than reactive service helps ensure the best possible experience for you.
  • Supporting compliance by protecting sensitive data with our hard drive retention facility
  • Escalate reported hardware failures to appropriate 2nd and 3rd level support where project field office resources will assist in problem determination and resolution, product compatibility and interoperability questions as well as troubleshooting and solving Microcode/Firmware issues related to Lenovo products.



  • Coverage with a Lenovo back-to-back agreement which eliminates the risk of uncertified third party maintenance agreements
  • Guarantee that you are receiving Lenovo tested and certified spare parts and are protected from potential grey market parts not supported by Lenovo
  • Priority access to MKTY’s trained and experienced service technicians
  • Trusted services delivered to the highest quality, worldwide
  • Single point of contact globally for an outstanding customer experience
  • Genuine parts, certified technicians, authorized partners
  • 24x7x365 coverage delivers maximum customer uptime and value
  • Support services personnel have access to development and design teams
  • Predictable cost and continuous global coverage
  • Services maximize return on investment
  • Reliable, consistent, and scalable services to meet specific customer needs
  • Experienced, skilled and highly-trained technicians for fast problem resolution


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