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Card And Payment Solutions

MKTY is focused and invested in introducing transformative solutions for the Banking, Payment , Financial and Retail industry in Ethiopia In 2017 MKTY has been the first company to introduce and successfully deliver the first Smart touch screen payment terminals for the Banking industry in Ethiopia. MKTY delivered the first PAX s920 payment terminals with applications for Dashen Bank Ethiopia. In January 2020 MKTY has announced the launch of its new Android terminals terminal for the Ethiopian market from PAX. If you’re looking for an intelligent payment solution for your business, the PAX Android Mobile Terminal combined with MKTY’s payment application can be the answer. The hand-held terminal helps payments to be made more quickly and efficiently, offering both businesses and customers a secure payment option. So, what exactly makes the PAX Android Mobile Terminal different and what are its benefits?


The PAX Andorid terminal range of products are both portable and mobile. This makes it ideal for businesses who don’t always necessarily complete transactions in one fixed location. The terminal can even be used without a Wi-Fi signal as it automatically transitions to a sim connection when out of the Wi-Fi range. This ensures seamless payments can be made effortlessly anywhere.


As the terminal can connect to multiple networks using 4G and Wi-Fi, allowing it offers fast transactions speeds. The multipurpose terminal can effortlessly transition between different services, ensuring customers can be served quickly and efficiently. Sleek design. The elegant design of the PAX payment terminals including complete with a 5-inch colour touch screen and an integrated TMS platform, is simple and intuitive to use. Users can download software applications to their terminal with ease, ensuring the terminal suits their specific business needs.

New generation business solutions.

Should you be in the market for something bespoke, the PAX Android terminal is fully customizable to develop your own applications.

How can the PAX Android terminal benefit a business?

Most shoppers globally start to use contactless payments. Studies show that most shoppers never used cash and always relied on their card, as trends such as online banking grow, we can only presume this figure has increased. Digital payment and cashless transactions are promoted and encouraged in Ethiopia as well where the regulation body and financial institutions are putting a lot of investments in setting up the amicable platform for digital payments. It is therefore essential for businesses and retailers to own a card terminal to ensure they are accommodating every shopper. The PAX Android terminal works in unison with PAXSTORE, allowing businesses to upload their existing software onto the terminal, ensuring a smooth transition. As the PAXSTORE is cloud-based, it offers the ultimate in security, ensuring businesses can operate safely and securely.



SmartDesktop devices enhance the use of your counter space through its compact design and powerful performance.


The E-Series are integrated All-in-One POS terminals delivering a seamless payment experience.


PAX SmartMobile devices are perfect for industries with needs on-the-go. Payments can take place wherever they are needed and more securely than ever with PAX SmartMobile devices.


    Weighing only 10.5oz, the A60 offers all the advantages of the A-series payment terminals in a featherweight, elegant design. It can come cordless with a base station or function as a portable standalone.


    Behind the A920’s large HD screen lies a thermal printer and high capacity battery for continuous operations throughout the day. Dual cameras enable fast auto focus and recognition of 1D/2D codes to further empower user experience.


  A preferred compact mobile payment device by the hospitality & restaurant industries, whose focuses are on portability, usability, and seamless customer interaction.


  PAX Self-Service Secure Kiosks lets users control their own payment experience. Full of capabilities right in your hands.


  Our Secure Unattended devices offer a fresh and reliable payment experience, designed with convenience in mind.


Our Secure Tablet devices redefine the multi-lane and unattended use cases through interactive touchscreens, intuitive interface, and full payment acceptance.

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