Solution Overview

Temperature screening,CCTV, Access Control, Alarm & Fire Detection


We understand that not every business faces the same threats, and security requirements may differ. We offer CCTV, access control, offsite monitoring, fire detection and intruder protection, tailored and integrated into a solution that meets the individual needs of each and every customer.


Advanced Application Controls

Design, Install and Maintain CCTV, Control room and Offsite monitoring Solutions

  • Cameras including Static, Dome, Pan tilt Zoom (PTZ) and Day/Night Cameras.
  • Recording devices including Network Video Recorders and Digital Video recorders
  • Software including analytics and off site viewing
  • Hard drive storage and Archiving Systems



Design, Install and Maintain Access Control Solutions

  • Hardware including Electromagnetic locks, door exit buttons and accessories
  • Reading devices – Biometrics (finger print and facial recognition) and Card Solutions
  • Software and integration to other systems
  • Wifi programmable lock solution for the hospitality industry



Design, Install and Maintain intrusion alarm and fire Detection systems

  • Wireless Fire, intrusion, flood, gas leakage and vibration sensors
  • GPRS and Mobile phone integration for remote monitoring over the phone and internet
  • Sleek control panel with LCD screen




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