Solution Overview

Fleet Management & Tracking

Private Vehicles & Small Fleet

The intelligent piece of technology that creates big peace of mind Far more than mere vehicle recovery, MKTY Vehicle Tracking offers a host of tracking and monitoring capabilities designed to ensure peace of mind for you, and security for your vehicle and family or business. We use the very latest GPS and GSM/GPRS location technology, to ensure that your vehicle is always visible and always operational. Unlike many other vehicle tracking systems, our solution continually monitors that your unit is fully functional, removing the inconvenience of having to perform self tests yourself. With four comprehensive products for individuals and small businesses, our solution offers different levels of features dependent on your needs, from essential vehicle recovery and monitoring to more extensive solutions with additional security and vehicle management

Long Hall Vehicles & Large Fleet

In the long haul business, timing is everything. Making sure your trucks are where they are supposed to be, every moment of the day, is key to maximising productivity. As is efficient forward planning to reduce turnaround times and active monitoring to ensure security for cargo and your drivers. MKTY Long Haul fleet solution offers remote, accurate tracking and monitoring of your fleet to give you a constant picture of where your vehicles are at all times and their operational condition. It also offers route optimization, alerts for unauthorized use or vehicle abuse and maintenance data and planning, to provide owners and operators with a very effective asset and people management tool. When your business depends on reliable, efficient service delivery, our Long Haul is the system designed to make pinpoint planning an everyday event. Not to mention every hour.

Yellow Equipment

Keeping tabs on yellow equipment movement, not to mention abuse, unauthorized use and maintenance issues, has always presented a major challenge to companies. Our solution for Yellow Equipment revolutionizes the way organizations manage and monitor the performance, use and behavior of both equipment and operators, to ensure optimal productivity and equipment utilization while minimizing downtime and inefficiencies. Our solution for Yellow Equipment provides real time notification of an impressive amount of information related to the operation of equipment. From unauthorized use and theft, fuel usage and levels and KPI reporting, to driver behavior such as overloading, fatigue and alcohol monitoring and real time engine status updates, the solution will ensure your equipment is in the safest hands possible.



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